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Vocabulary Quiz: The Different Landscapes!

Learn some vocabulary about the different landscapes.

mercredi 16 nov., Il y a 14 mois
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Here are some basic vocabulary about landscapes:

- plain - a large area of flat land.

- mountain - a raised part of the earth's surface.

- hill - an area of land that is higher than the surrounding land.

- forest - a large area of land covered with trees and plants.

- river - a large amount of fresh water flowing continuously in a long line.

- lake - a large area of water surrounded by land.

- desert - an area covered with sand or rocks.

- sea - the salty water that covers a large part of the surface of the earth.

To go further:

- coast - the land next to or close to the sea.

- brook - a small stream.

- meadow - a field with grass and often wild flowers in it.

- waterfall - water dropping from a higher to a lower point.

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