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Two million litres of red wine flood streets of Portuguese village

Over the weekend in a town in Portugal called Levira, there was a big problem with wine.

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Two large containers, like giant barrels, each holding about 2.2 million litres of wine at a local place where they make wine, broke open. This caused a huge amount of red wine to flood the streets. It was so much wine that it could almost fill up an Olympic-sized swimming pool! People took pictures and videos of this happening and shared them on the internet.

You could see the red wine flowing like a river through the streets of Levira in Portugal. The place that makes the wine, called Destilaria Levira, said they were really sorry about what happened. They also said they would take care of cleaning up the mess and finding out why it happened. They were responsible for making sure everything was fixed.

The wine flowed onto the roads and even into one of the underground rooms where they keep things. Firefighters from the area helped clean it up. They took the wine that could be saved and sent it to a place where they treat wastewater, which is water that is not clean. Luckily, the wine did not go into a river, so it did not cause harm to the environment. Someone from the local government said this was good because it could have been very bad for the environment.

This wine problem lasted for about an hour, but it didn't leave a strong smell because the wine was good quality. The person in charge of the place where they make wine, Pedro Carvalho, said that one of the big containers broke because it had a problem with its structure, and the power of all that wine knocked down the other one.

These containers were being used to store extra wine because there is too much wine in Portugal and other countries like France. People are not drinking as much wine as before, so they have too much of it.

Source: Adapted from The Guardian

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