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The World Health Organization says 99% of People Breathe Unhealthy Air

According to the World Health Organization, almost everyone on Earth breathes polluted air.

mardi 19 avril, Il y a 21 mois
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The WHO found something shocking - almost everyone on Earth breathes unhealthy air. The WHO's air quality update says 99 per cent of people breathe air that breaks quality limits. Researchers checked over 6,000 cities in 117 countries. People in poorer countries breathe the unhealthiest air. Millions in these countries die from pollution-related diseases. The WHO said:"It is unacceptable to have 7 million preventable deaths…due to air pollution."

The WHO says high gas prices, energy security and climate change mean we must move away from fossil fuels. It asked governments to cut air pollution and move to cleaner energy. The WHO made many suggestions. It said we should use clean energy for cooking, heating and lighting. We should also make public transport greener. This means building more roads that pedestrians and cyclists can use safely.

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