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The Truth About Being The "Stupidest" In The Room

What if you were the stupidest in the room?

mardi 29 nov., Il y a 13 mois
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It's likely that if you're having trouble understanding something, then somebody else in the room is as well. Asking questions doesn't mean you're the stupidest person in the room; it usually means you're the only one brave enough to speak up.


• being flip
Shortened form of flippant, meaning joking.

• hire
To employ someone or pay someone to do a particular job.

• C-level
High-ranking executive titles in an organization.

• nod
To move your head down and then up, sometimes several times, especially to show agreement, approval, or greeting.

• freaking
Used to emphasize what is being said.

Master of Business Administration.

• print
Letters, numbers, or symbols that have been produced on paper by a machine using ink.

Source: Simon Sinek

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