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The Science Behind Earthquakes

On February 6th 2023, two massive earthquakes rippled through Turkey and Syria. Seismic waves were felt across the globe, so what actually caused these major quakes?

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• To Ripple
To move in small waves.

• Widespread
Existing or happening in many places.

• Utter
Complete or extreme.

• Death Toll
The number of people who die because of an event such as a war or an accident.

• Jigsaw
A picture stuck onto wood or cardboard and cut into pieces of different shapes that must be joined together correctly to form the picture again.

• Molten
Melted or made liquid by being heated to very high temperatures.

• Stress
A force that acts in a way that often changes the shape of an object.

• Fault
A crack in the earth's surface.

• Spring Back
To recoil, to bounce back.

• To Jolt
To move suddenly and violently.

• Rubble
The piles of broken stone and bricks.

Source: ABC News In-depth

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