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The Possessive 's | Mastering the Power of the Possessive 's

Do you know how to use possessive 's'?

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We can use possessive 's' to talk about the relationship between people or to say who owns something. Possessive 's' always comes after a noun or a name.

We often use possessive 's' or s' when we talk about family and friends.

Grandma and Grandpa are my mum's parents.
My cousins' birthdays are both in January.
Maria's best friend is Juanita.

We can also use it to say that something belongs to someone.

That's Roberto's flat. He's got a flat in the city centre.
Kim's hair is very long. She's got long, black hair.
My parents' garden is beautiful. They grow a lot of flowers.

When it is one person who owns something, we usually use 's.

Simon's phone is new. He bought it yesterday.
Our friend's car is red. She loves it.
Can you see Amira's keys? She can't find them.

It is possible to use more than one possessive in a phrase.

We had lunch at my friend's father's house.

If a name or noun ends in s, we can add either ' or 's.

Is that James' bag?
That's my boss's office.

If the thing belongs to more than one person, we usually add ' after the s of the plural noun.

Our friends' house is in the mountains. They moved there last year.
My grandparents' dog is called Bertie.

If something belongs to more than one person, and we give a list of names, the 's comes after the last name in the list.

Liam is Anne and Gary's son.

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