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The Only Monkeys in Europe

These primates are the only monkeys in Europe.

lundi 20 mars, Il y a 9 mois
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Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory located on the southern coast of Spain, is home to a unique species of Barbary macaques. Despite their uncertain origin, these monkeys have become a popular tourist attraction while also raising concerns for their welfare.


• Mainland: A large continuous landmass that forms the primary area of a country or continent.

• Peninsula: A piece of land that is almost surrounded by water but is still connected to a larger area of land.

• Assets: A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.

• Militarized: To equip and prepare for war; to give a military character to.

• Sun-soaked: Bathed in sunlight or enjoying the sun's warmth and light.

• Abnormal: Deviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable or worrying.

• Exploited: To make full use of and benefit from (a resource).

• Ban: Officially or legally prohibit or exclude.

• Domesticated: To adapt (an animal, plant, etc.) to life in intimate association with and to the advantage of humans.

• Replenished: To refill or make complete again.

• Dispatches: Reports or communications sent or received from someone in the field or on a special mission.

• Borders: The edge or boundary of something, or the line that separates one area from another.

Source: Vox Borders

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