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The Hidden Power Of Knitting

The skein of yarn is a revolutionary tool because it brings people together for activism, promotes mental and emotional health, and creates a sense of community and connection.

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The skein of yarn can be considered a revolutionary tool for several reasons. Firstly, yarn crafting such as knitting and crocheting have become a tool for political activism, healing, and community building.

For example, the "Pink Hat" movement, where knitters and crocheters came together to create pink hats for the Women's March, showed the power of a collective of knitters and crocheters to come together to make a political statement. Similarly, "Stitch-In" protests during the Vietnam War where knitters and crocheters gathered to protest the war and show their support for peace demonstrate how yarn crafting can be a form of peaceful resistance.

Yarn crafting also has therapeutic benefits, such as reducing stress and promoting mental health. The repetitive motions involved in knitting and crocheting can be calming and meditative, helping to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of wellbeing. Finally, yarn crafting has become a powerful symbol of community and connection. By sharing patterns and skills, knitters and crocheters come together to form a supportive network, regardless of geography or background.

Source: NY Times

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