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The Free Trade Deal with a Trade Name Catch

Australia and the European Union are in the middle of negotiating a free trade deal.

lundi 31 juil., Il y a 4 mois
 5 min

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The video discusses a trade deal being negotiated between Australia and the EU. The EU wants to restrict the use of certain food names, known as geographical indications (GIs), that originated in Europe. This includes names like "fetta" and "Edam Hollands." The EU aims to protect local producers and ensure consumers get authentic products. While Australia has already recognized Europe's protection of the name "Champagne," many Australian producers disagree with the restrictions, arguing that names like "fetta" simply describe the type of cheese and don't indicate origin. Rebranding products would cost the industry around $95 million. The video highlights the tensions between protecting traditional names and the practical concerns of businesses.


• Trade Deal
An agreement between countries regarding the exchange of goods and services.

• Restrict
To limit or control something.

• Rebrand
To change the branding or name of a product or company.

• Lamb
A young sheep, or the flesh of a young sheep eaten as meat.

• To Pop Up
To appear or happen, especially suddenly.

• Awkward
Difficult to use, do, or deal with.

• Bliss
A state of extreme happiness, joy, or spiritual contentment

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