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The Best Way to Apologize

Explore what to do— and not to do— in order to deliver an authentic apology.

mercredi 26 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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The video discusses the importance of offering sincere apologies in personal situations. A good apology involves understanding and taking responsibility for one's actions without trying to defend or rationalize them. Apologies are about repairing relationships and acknowledging the perspective of the wronged party. The video provides two examples: one where someone accidentally eats a co-worker's ice cream, and the other where a person misses their friend's important event for a seemingly better opportunity. In both cases, it emphasizes the need to understand the other person's feelings and genuinely accept one's wrongdoing to make a meaningful apology.


• Apologies
Expressions of regret or sorrow for a mistake or offense.

• Evasive
Avoiding giving a direct answer or response.

• Amend
Action taken to make up for a wrong or harm caused.

• Rationalizing
Trying to justify or explain one's actions.

• Offense
An action that causes hurt or harm to someone else.

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