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The Absurdity of the British Empire

The hilarious James Acaster takes centre stage with his stand up special about the absurdity of the British empire.

lundi 5 sept., Il y a 16 mois
 5 min

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With over 8 million artifacts and only 1 percent on display, the British Museum is host to a vast collection of the world's pilfered property. Follow James Acaster as he takes you on a whimsical walk showcasing some of Old Blighty's misdeeds and how the British still keep the property they stole from other countries in glass boxes in museums.


• Sail (verb)
To ride in a boat
-He sailed around the world on a luxury liner.

• Robbed (verb)
past tense of rob.
-He was robbed of his money on the street.

• Far-fetched (adjective)
Not likely; difficult to believe; outlandish; wild; impractical.
-He is full of far-fetched ideas to make money

• Spree (noun)
A merry frolic; especially, a drinking frolic. Uninhibited activity.
-They went on a spree that lasted all weekend.

• Finders keepers
(colloquial) To keep an item because you have found it. Childish.
-This is mine, finders-keepers!

• Selfish (adjective/noun)
Holding one’s self-interest as the standard for decision making.
-He's so selfish, he won't share his chips/ Look here selfish, share some chips.

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