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Social Media Detox

How to improve your social media use.

jeudi 16 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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Rupert admits to spending too much time on social media, discussing the struggle to set limits. He refers to a study from Headspace revealing young people's desire to take breaks from social media due to FOMO. Warning signs include disrupted sleep and negative self-perception. Rupert suggests setting boundaries and cleaning feeds. Despite drawbacks, social media offers positive connections and learning opportunities, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach.


Taking a few moments to clear my headspace helps me focus on tasks.
The state of one's mind or mental and emotional well-being.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
I couldn't resist checking my phone; FOMO got the best of me.
An acronym describing the anxiety or apprehension one feels when thinking they might miss out on social events or experiences.

The loud noise disrupted my concentration during the meeting.
Interrupted or disturbed, causing a break in the normal flow.

After the argument, she felt ostracized by her friends.
Excluded or rejected from a group, often due to disagreement or conflict.

She made a conciliatory gesture, hoping to mend their relationship.
Intended to reconcile or make peace; showing a willingness to end a dispute.

The company's shameless promotion of the new product attracted many customers.
Publicizing or advertising a product, often in a bold or enthusiastic manner.

People appreciate the authenticity of her writing; it feels genuine and sincere.
The quality of being genuine, real, or true to oneself.

I had to unfollow some accounts to create a more positive social media experience.
To stop subscribing to updates or posts from a user or account on social media.

Everyone has their quirks; it's what makes us unique.
Peculiarities or idiosyncrasies; distinctive features or behaviours.

The comedian handled the heckling with humour, turning it into a funny part of the show.
To interrupt a public speaker or performer with loud and disruptive comments or criticisms.

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