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Six Tips for Active Listening

This video provides 6 tips on how to actively listen and support a friend going through a tough time.

jeudi 17 ao�t, Il y a 4 mois
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The tips include asking open-ended questions, summarizing what the person said, reflecting on their words, clarifying important points, giving words of encouragement, and reacting appropriately to their feelings.

Support: To help or assist someone.

Skill: An ability or talent that can be developed through training.

Open-ended: Questions that do not have a simple yes or no answer and encourage longer responses.

Summarise: To briefly state the main points or key information.

Reflect: To repeat a word or phrase to encourage further elaboration.

Clarify: To make something clearer or more understandable.

Gloss over: means to ignore or quickly pass over an important point without giving it enough attention or consideration.

Encouragement: Words or actions that inspire or motivate someone.

Source: Spunout

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