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Selena Gomez Favorite Taylor Swift Era

Taylor Swift is on her Eras Tour, which of the Eras is Selena Gomez favorite?

jeudi 7 sept., Il y a 3 mois
 5 min

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Selena Gomez answers which Taylor Swift era is her favorite while chatting with '104.3 MYFM.' The 'Single Soon' singer gushes over her longtime bestie, who she's stepped out for multiple times on the 'Eras' tour. Selena also references their past relationships with Nick and Joe of The Jonas Brothers, who she credits for kickstarting her and Taylor's longtime friendship.


• To Promote
To support or advertise something to increase its popularity or sales.

• Alum
Short for "alumnus" or "alumna," usually referring to a former student of a school or university.

• To Spark
To ignite or trigger something.

• To Date
To regularly spend time with someone you have a romantic relationship with.

• All Eyes On
If all eyes are on someone or something, everyone is watching that person or thing and waiting to see what will happen.

To become available for people to buy, listen to, or watch, especially using the internet; to make something available like this.

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