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Samuel L Jackson vs. the Internet

Watch Samuel L Jackson answer the internet's most popular questions.

lundi 24 avril, Il y a 8 mois
 5 min

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Samuel L. Jackson is a popular actor known for his iconic roles and unique sense of humor. He often uses sarcasm and wit in his performances, adding a playful element to his characters.


• Autocomplete - a feature in search engines that suggests possible search queries based on what a user types in the search box.

• Spoiler alert - a warning given to people to avoid revealing an important plot point of a book, movie, or TV show that others may not have seen yet.

• Reshoots - filming additional scenes or redoing some parts of a movie that didn't turn out well.

• Engrave - to carve or cut a design, writing or symbol onto a hard surface like metal, wood, or stone.

• Affectation - behavior, speech, or dress that is adopted to impress others or to fit in with a particular group, but may not be genuine or natural.

• Bacon number - a measurement of the number of links it takes to connect an actor or actress to Kevin Bacon in a movie or TV show.

• Informative - providing useful or interesting information.

• Open book - someone or something that is easy to understand or transparent in nature

Source: WIRED

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