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Royal Fans Face Giant Queue For Spots To See Charles

Royal fans face giant queue for spots to see Charles in Gold State Coach!

lundi 1 mai, Il y a 8 mois
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Prince Charles' royal fans are in for a tough fight to catch a glimpse of him on coronation day as the procession's route is considerably shorter than expected. The journey from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace is only 1.3 miles long and will take the newly crowned King to Trafalgar Square before heading directly down The Mall.

Unlike Queen Elizabeth II's procession, which covered a five-mile path past Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Park Lane, allowing a larger number of people to see her, Charles will travel home along the same route taking him to Westminster Abbey ahead of the ceremony. The shortened route will significantly reduce the number of people who can get a direct view of the monarch, and even those who camp out may struggle to secure a good spot.

Organisers have ruled out using a ticketing or ballot system for spectators and have advised well-wishers to plan in advance. However, those who miss out can still watch the procession at any of the 30 special outdoor screenings happening across the UK.

Vocabulary :

• glimpse : a quick or brief look at something
• coronation : the ceremony of crowning a king or queen
• procession : a group of people or vehicles moving in an orderly and formal way, often as part of a ceremony or celebration
• considerably : to a great extent or degree
• newly crowned : recently made king or queen
• Trafalgar Square : a public square in central London, England
• The Mall : a major road in central London, England, lined with trees and parks
• monarch : a king or queen who rules a country
• significantly : to a large extent or degree
• reduce : to make something smaller or less in amount, size, or importance
• camp out : to spend the night outdoors in a tent or sleeping bag
• secure : to obtain or achieve something in a way that is safe or reliable
• organisers : people who plan and manage an event or activity
• ticketing : the process of issuing and selling tickets for an event or activity
• ballot : a process of voting, typically in a secret and formal way
• well-wishers : people who wish someone well or offer good wishes
• outdoor screenings : public events where films or other shows are projected on an outdoor screen

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