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Quiz: Prepositions

Test your memory with this quiz on prepositions!

vendredi 5 ao�t, Il y a 18 mois
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Before we get started, let's review some expressions:

Ask for
I asked my aunty for some money.

Belong to
That book belongs to me.

Happen to
Your clothes are dirty! What happened to you?

Laugh at
Why are you laughing at Paul?

Listen to
I love listening to music

Pay for
You can pay for lunch, I paid last time!

Speak / Talk to
I'd like to speak to the manager.
I'd like to talk to the manager.

Speak / Talk about
I spoke to the manager about the problem
I talked to the manager about the problem.

Thank for
Thanks for your help.

Think of / about
I'm thinking of buying a new car.
I'm thinking about buying a new car.

Wait for
I'm waiting for my client.

Look at
Look at those flowers! They are beautiful!

Look for
I'm looking for my keys, I think I've lost them.

Look after
I'm looking after my niece this weekend.

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