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Quiz: Conjunctions

Test your knowledge of conjunctions with this fun quiz.

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We use words called conjunctions, .'like' 'and', 'or', 'but', 'because' and 'although', to join two parts of sentences.

Conjunctions can be used to give more information, give alternatives, give reasons, give results or give unexpected information.

We use 'and', 'or' and 'but' to connect two parts of sentences which are similar in grammatical status.

Do you want chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? (joining words)

Amy's dad is taking us on Saturday morning, and he's offered to bring us home again on Sunday,

We use 'and' for adding information, 'or' for giving alternatives and 'but' for unexpected or different information.

I'm OK for food, dance and music, and I'm having a wonderful time.
There's a reggae band from Jamaica or a Russian electro-pop group on the other stage.
She’d like to go but she can’t.

There are a lot more conjunctions which we use to connect one clause with another clause.

For example: 'because', for giving reasons, 'so', for talking about results or purposes, and 'although', for unexpected or different information.

I'd like to see that Irish band, because Celtic music is pretty cool.

Although he doesn’t like camping, he goes to lots of music festivals.

It's one of those cars for seven people, so there's plenty of room.

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