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Quiz: Adverbs Of Frequency

How well do you know your adverbs of frequency? Always, Often, sometimes, never...

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Adverbs of frequency allow us to express how regularly something happens.

How do you know which adverb of frequency to use? It depends on the frequency you want to express. Use the guide below to help you.

• 100% of the time - Always - She always plays piano after dinner.

• 80 to 90% of the time - Usually - They usually go to Greece in summer.

• 50 to 70% - Often - They often play songs in the park.

• 20 to 40% - Sometimes - Sometimes he forgets that she is no longer alive.

• 5 to 10% - Hardly ever - It hardly ever snows in Paris.

• 0% - Never - Kate never wears brightly coloured clothes.

Adverbs of frequency usually go in the following positions:

• before the root verb
• after the verb 'be'
• between the auxiliary verb and the main verb
• before 'used to' and 'have to'

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