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Want to and Need to

Learn how to use 'want to' and 'need to'.

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"Want to" and "need to" are two commonly used expressions that may cause confusion for beginners. While they may appear similar, they convey distinct intentions and levels of necessity.

"Want to":This phrase expresses a desire or a wish to do something. It signifies a personal preference or an inclination towards a particular action. It implies that the person has a choice in deciding whether or not to pursue the mentioned activity.

"Need to":In contrast, "need to" denotes a requirement or an obligation. It suggests that a certain action is necessary or essential for a specific purpose. Unlike "want to," "need to" implies a stronger sense of duty or responsibility, often driven by external factors or circumstances.

"Want to":When using "want to," individuals express their personal interests, goals, or aspirations. It reflects their desires, preferences, and motivations.

"Need to":On the other hand, "need to" focuses on the practical aspect of a situation. It highlights actions that are crucial or mandatory to achieve a particular outcome, meet expectations, or fulfill responsibilities.

Degree of necessity
"Want to":The phrase "want to" indicates a voluntary action, driven by personal choice or preference. It is not strictly mandatory, and the consequences of not fulfilling a "want" are usually less severe.

"Need to":"Need to" implies a higher level of necessity. The action being mentioned is crucial, obligatory, or highly recommended to achieve a specific goal, meet requirements, or handle a given situation.

"I want to go to the movies tonight." (Expressing personal desire)
"I need to submit my assignment before the deadline." (Highlighting obligation)
"He wants to learn how to play the guitar." (Indicating personal interest)
"She needs to attend the meeting for her project." (Emphasizing requirement)

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