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Pumpkin Boats Race in Belgium for Halloween!

In preparation for Halloween, people in Belgium carve massive pumpkins, into boats for a pumpkin regatta organized with the local kayaking club.

jeudi 26 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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In preparation for Halloween, people are carving pumpkins into various shapes and forms, including boats, in Belgium. The Pumpkin Society of Kasterlee in Antwerp grows massive pumpkins, some weighing over 1,000 kilograms. These giant pumpkins are hollowed out to create boats, and a pumpkin regatta is organized with the help of a local kayaking club, attracting over 4,000 people every year. The 350 participants compete in pumpkin races, but steering the pumpkin boats is challenging, making it an exhausting workout. Some participants even dress in costumes to attract media attention.


• Carriage: a four-wheeled vehicle, horse-drawn.

• Household: a family living together in a house or apartment.

• Paddle (verb): the action of moving through water using a paddle.

• Hollowed out: to remove the inner part or contents of something, leaving an empty space.

• Squashes: a variety of plants and their fruits.

Source: Behind The News YouTube channel.

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