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Prince George applies to boarding schools.

Prince George (grandson of King Charles III and son of Prince William) is preparing for a exhausting ISEB exam as part of his admission process to a boarding school, with his mother Catherine 'Kate' actively supporting his studies.

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Prince George is taking exhausting exams for a boarding school admission. Princess Catherine (Kate) has been busy recently, as Prince William revealed she is helping their eldest son Prince George ahead of his school exams. Prince George is set to sit his ISEB exam which of consists of English, Maths, Verbal, and Non-Verbal reasoning.


• Boarding School: a school where students reside during the academic term, usually living on campus in dormitories. These schools offer both education and lodging.

• To sit an exam: taking a test.

• ISEB exam: The Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) exam is a set of standardized tests used by independent (private) schools in the United Kingdom for assessing students' abilities in various subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These exams are often used as part of the admission process for private schools.

• Non-verbal reasoning: a type of cognitive ability test that assesses problem-solving using visual patterns and designs rather than words or numbers.

• To secure a spot: In an educational context, it refers to successfully obtaining admission in a school.

• Likely: Probable or expected to happen.

• To apply: to submit an application for a school.

• Children in the public eye: young people who are known to the general public, often due to their family background or celebrity status.

Source: The Royal Family Channel.

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