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Phrasal verbs: Summer edition

Phrasal verbs are a combination of verbs and particles, commonly used in English. These expressions may have different meanings from their individual words, making them essential to understand and use for effective communication.

lundi 21 ao�t, Il y a 4 mois
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Set off: To start a journey or trip, especially for a summer vacation.

Cool down: To lower the temperature or become less hot, perfect for those hot summer days.

Hang out: To spend time in a relaxed way, often outdoors, with friends or family during summer.

Sunbathe: To relax and lie in the sun to get a tan.

Splash around: To play or move about in water, like in a pool or the sea.

Grill up: To cook food on a barbecue grill, a popular summer activity.

Cool off: To refresh and lower body temperature after being outside in the heat.

Set up: To arrange and prepare for an event or activity, like setting up a beach umbrella.

Head out: To leave or depart for a specific destination, such as going to a summer concert.

Wind down: To relax and unwind after a busy summer day.

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