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Phrasal Verbs: Summer

Phrasal verbs are a combination of verbs and particles, commonly used in English.

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Phrasal verbs are essential and common in English, especially in casual conversations. They consist of a verb combined with one or more particles, typically prepositions or adverbs. These combinations create entirely new meanings, making phrasal verbs sometimes challenging for beginners to grasp. For example, "look up" means to search for information, while "give in" signifies surrendering. Understanding the meanings of individual words won't always help comprehend phrasal verbs, as they have unique connotations. Beginners should focus on learning these phrases in context to fully grasp their usage and nuances, gradually incorporating them into their language skills for more natural and fluent communication.

• To Hang Out
To spend a lot of time in a place or with someone.

• To Go Out
To leave a room or building, especially in order to do something for entertainment.

• To Set Off
To start on a trip.

• To Check Out
To go to a place in order to see what it is like.

• To Call Off
To decide that a planned event will not happen.

• To Put On
To cover part of the body with clothes, shoes, make-up, or something similar.

• To Set Up
To prepare something for use.

• To Run Away
To leave a place or person secretly and suddenly.

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