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Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight

A plane passenger opened an airplane door during a flight to South Korea.

mercredi 31 mai, Il y a 7 mois
 5 min

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The video shows a shocking incident that occurred during a flight just before Memorial Day. A disturbed passenger managed to open the airplane door while the plane was in mid-flight, causing panic among the passengers. This situation lasted for five minutes, exposing the passengers to intense winds. The incident happened when the plane was about to land in South Korea, with 194 passengers on board.

Witnesses stated that the passenger, who was sitting next to the emergency door, showed no signs of distress before suddenly opening the door. Many people are perplexed by how this was even possible, as airplane doors are designed to be airtight and locked. However, an aviation expert explains that opening an emergency exit door is feasible during the landing phase of a flight, when the cabin is depressurized.


• Disturbed
Upset or troubled emotionally.

• Gripping (to grip)
Holding tightly.

• Battered (to batter)
Beaten or struck repeatedly.

• Lever
A handle or control that is operated by a person's hand.

• Cruising altitude
The level at which an aircraft maintains stable flight.

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