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Only High Performers Pass this Kind of Job Interview

Revamping Interviews: The Importance of Authenticity and Trustworthiness in Talent Allocation

mercredi 8 f�vr., Il y a 11 mois
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Finding the right talent takes time and commitment, asking the right questions in the right way can help you identify the best talent for the position.

• Prep - short for preparation; refers to the act of getting ready for something
“I need to do some prep work for my presentation tomorrow.”

• Bolder - more daring or audacious, not afraid of taking risks
“She's become bolder since she started her own business.”

• Pitfalls - hidden dangers or risks in a situation
“Investing in the stock market has its potential pitfalls, but also the potential for high returns.”

• Unscripted - not planned or rehearsed in advance
“The unscripted moment in the play added a touch of spontaneity to the performance.”

• Arise - to come into existence or occur
“A problem arose when the computer system crashed during the transaction.”

• Threatening - having an intention to cause harm or danger
“The dark clouds and thunder were threatening, so we decided to wait out the storm indoors.”

• Allocating - distributing resources to specific places or uses
“The company is allocating more funds for research and development.”

• Fresher - newer or more recent
“This year's model of the smartphone is fresher and more advanced than the last year's model.”

• Thoughtful - showing consideration for others; having a sensitive and reflective approach
“She gave a thoughtful response to the question, showing that she had really thought about it.”

• Elevate - to raise or lift to a higher level
“The company aims to elevate the standard of living for its employees.”

• Conceited - having an excessively high opinion of oneself; arrogant
“He was so conceited that he believed he was better than everyone else.”

• Trustworthy - deserving of trust and confidence
“I trust my best friend because she has always been trustworthy and dependable.”

• Sniffing - using the sense of smell to detect or identify something
“The dog was sniffing the ground, trying to pick up the scent of the lost cat.”

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