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Napoleon's hat sets auction records!

Emperor's Style: Napoleon's Hat Sets Auction Records!

vendredi 24 nov., Il y a 3 semaines
 5 min

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Would you spend $2 million on a hat? A hat that once belonged to the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte sold at an auction this week for $2.1 million. This is a record for a hat. It is the most expensive hat ever sold. The sale broke the previous record for a hat, which was $2 million. That hat also belonged to Napoleon. Napoleon liked hats and owned around 120 of them. The latest record-breaking hat is made of felt. It has the red, white and blue colours of the French flag on it. Experts say it dates back to the early 1800s.

Napoleon is one of France's most famous people from history. He played a key part in the French Revolution. He became emperor of France in 1804. His reign as emperor finished in 1815 after he lost the Battle of Waterloo to the British. He was sent to live on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean. He died there six years later in 1821, aged 51. The auction of his hat coincides with the release of a new movie about his rise to power, and his relationship with the empress Josephine. The movie is called "Napoleon". It is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby.


• Once belonged: The hat belonged to Napoleon in the past, before he died.

• Felt: kind of fabric used to make hats.

• Remote: isolated.

• Stars (verb): to play in a movie.

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