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More Than 90 Whales Stranded

A pod of pilot whales started to get into trouble late yesterday off the coast of Cheynes beach in Western Australia.

mercredi 26 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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A group of pilot whales got into trouble off the coast of Cheynes Beach, Western Australia. By last night, 97 whales had stranded themselves on the shore. Scientists are unsure about the cause, suggesting it might be an attempt to escape from an orca or a sick whale leading others to shore. The beach is closed, and efforts are underway to save the whales. So far, 50 whales have died, but workers and volunteers are working together to refloat the remaining ones and send them back to the sea.


• Pod
A group of animals, in this case, a group of whales.

• Coast
The land near the sea or ocean.

• Stranded
Left without the means to move from somewhere.

• Refloat
To help the stranded whales get back into deeper waters.

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