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Mixed Conditionals

When we talk about an imaginary or hypothetical situation, we sometimes need to use a mixed conditional structure.

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Mixed conditionals are a combination of two types of conditional patterns, usually the second and third conditional.

• Third second mixed conditionals

With the third second mixed conditional, a past "condition" (the 3rd conditional) precedes a present "result" (2nd conditional).

If I had (+ past participle) …, I would (+ infinitive) …
Instead of 'would', we can use 'could' or 'might'.

- If I had gone to bed late, I’d be tired today.

We use a third second mixed conditional when we imagine present actions or situations that are the result of an imaginary or hypothetical situation in the past.

- If I hadn’t called you yesterday, you wouldn’t be here today.
- Where would you stay if you hadn’t found a hotel this morning?

• Second third mixed conditionals

With the second third mixed conditional, a present "condition" (2nd conditional) precedes a past "result" (3rd conditional).

- If I did …, I would have (+past participle) …
- If I could speak French, I would have understood the song.

We use a second third mixed conditional when we imagine a situation in the past that is the result of an imaginary or hypothetical situation that is still true.

- What would you have done if you were me?
- If it wasn’t so cold in this country, we could have gone out yesterday.

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