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Matthew Perry, 'Friends' Star, Dies at 54

Fans are grieving the loss of Matthew Perry, best known as Chandler Bing in ''Friends'', who passed away at 54 in his Los Angeles home, having battled addiction despite his successful acting career.

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Fans are mourning the death of Matthew Perry, best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the popular '90s sitcom ''Friends.'' Perry, found dead at 54 in his Los Angeles home, seemingly drowned. Despite his successful acting career, he struggled with addiction, chronicled in a 2022 memoir. The show ''Friends'' remains a cultural icon, reflecting on themes of family, relationships, and more, making it continuously relevant.


• To pass away: to die.

• To pay tribute: to express admiration, respect, or gratitude to someone.

• Beloved: someone dearly loved, a strong affection towards a person.

• Q-tip: a cotton swab with a small amount of cotton on both ends of a thin stick. It's commonly used for cleaning the ears, applying or removing makeup.

• Dry and self-depricate wit: refers to a form of humor characterized by clever, often sarcastic remarks delivered in a subtle or understated manner. It involves making jokes about oneself, often highlighting personal flaws or weaknesses, usually in a lighthearted or amusing way.

• Touchstone: It's a principle that serves as a point of reference for assessing the quality, authenticity, or significance of other things. In this context, ''Friends'' being a '90s touchstone means it was a significant, influential cultural marker or reference point for that era.

• Rehabilitation: often shortened to "rehab," refers to the process of restoring someone to good health through therapy or medical treatment after an illness, addiction, or injury.

• Detoxification: often shortened to "detox," refers to the process of removing toxic substances from the body. It is a period during which someone abstains from or rids the body of substances like drugs or alcohol.

• To pour in: to arrive or come in large numbers.

• Epitome : the ideal or the highest standard of something.

• Relevant: something that is important or closely related to what is being discussed.

Source: TODAY YouTube channel.

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