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Make versus Do

Make versus DoThere are some things weMAKE and some things weDO. But how do you make the difference? Sometimes it is not easy to choose which one you should use.Below is a list and some tips to help you.

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We use MAKE with:

Words ending in "ment"
To make an appointment (prendre un RV)
To make an arrangement
To make a reimbursement
To make a compliment

Things which are verbal; things we say
To make a complaint
To make a promise
To make an excuse
To make a joke
To make a phone call
To make a promise
To make a speech
To make a comment

Words ending by “ion”
To make a decision
To make an exception
To make an observation
To make an impression
To make a suggestion

Words related to money
To make a fortune
To make money
To make an offer
To make a payment

Abstract notions
To make a discovery
To make noise (faire du bruit)
To make a mess (faire le désordre)
To make a mistake/error
To make damage
To make a list
To make progress
To make an effort
To make a trip
To make a choice
To make the difference

We use DO with:

Words related to a physical or mental action
To do a job
To do business
To do an exam
To do a test
To do an exercise
To do your homework
To do the housework/chores (faire le ménage/les corvées)
To do the paperwork (faire la paperasse)
To do research
To do a crossword

Words related to housework and those ending in -ING
To do the gardening
To do the ironing
To do the cleaning
To do the cooking
To do the dishes (faire la vaiselle)
To do the laundry (faire la lessive)

With some expressions
To do your best (faire de son mieux)
To do someone a favour (rendre service)
To do harm (faire du mal)
To do good (faire du bien)
To do well (réussir)

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