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Language Quiz: Morphology

What is a word? Morphology is the study of words and their parts, it is an essential part of linguistics, and probably a subject you know a lot more than you think you do about.

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In Linguistics, morphology is the study of how words are put together. For example, the word 'dogs' is put together from two parts: dog, which refers to a particular furry four legged animal and -s, which indicates that there is more than one such animal.

The majority of words in English have one or two pieces in them, but some technical words have many more. Take for example non-renewability which has five (non-, re-, new, -abil, and -ity)

One of the things we can do when we know a language is to create new words out of existing pieces, and understand new words that other people use as long as the new words are made of pieces we've encountered before.

In this quiz, you will be shown a sentence with the root word in brackets. To score, you must conjugate the word appropriately.

For example,

Your father is ___ worried about the scores you've been getting at school (INCREASE)

- Here the answer is 'increasingly'

As there is a verb following the target word, we can assume that the target word must be an adverb.

“to increase, to grow upon, grow over, swell, grow into”.

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