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Infinitive of Purpose

Learn to use the infinitive of purpose.

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The " infinitive of purpose " is a way to explain why we do something or what we want to achieve. It uses the base form of a verb with the word "to" before it. We often use it after words like "want," "need," "plan," or "hope." It tells us the reason or goal behind an action. It answers the question "Why?" and provides information about the goal or objective of an action.

For example, in the sentence "I am studying hard to pass my exam," the phrase "to pass my exam" is the infinitive of purpose. It explains why I am studying hard.

We can also use the infinitive of purpose after adjectives to show the desired result of a situation. In the sentence "She is saving money to buy a new car," the phrase "to buy a new car" tells us why she is saving money.

Usually, we use the infinitive of purpose to talk about future plans, but we can also use it for present or past purposes.

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