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I Accidentally Became A Meme : Disaster Girl

When Zoe's dad took her picture in front of a burning house, they never expected it to launch one of the most iconic memes of the decade. Learn how it went down !

lundi 3 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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Zoe Roth, also known as Disaster Girl, accidentally became a meme. In 2005, when she was five years old, she witnessed a house fire and her father captured her mischievous smile in a photograph. The picture was later submitted to a magazine competition and won. Zoe became famous when her photo started circulating online, with people photoshopping it onto various disaster scenes.

Despite the memes, Zoe doesn't take the negative interpretations seriously and has never condoned offensive versions of the meme. Being a meme hasn't had a significant impact on her life, although there have been some fun and unexpected experiences associated with it.

She mentions having a strong following on Instagram from countries like Indonesia, Poland, and Brazil.

Vocabulary :

• Meme : An image, video, or piece of text that is shared and spread rapidly on the internet, often with humorous or satirical intent.
• Sirens : Devices that produce loud, high-pitched sounds, typically used as warnings or signals.
• Billowing : Expanding or moving in a large, swelling motion.
• Marshals : Officials responsible for enforcing laws or maintaining order.
• Conflate : To combine or mix different ideas, images, or concepts into one.
• Flipped through : Looked quickly through the pages of a book or magazine without reading everything.
• Caption : A short piece of text accompanying a photograph, usually providing additional information or context.
• Fluke : an unexpected stroke of luck or a fortunate coincidence.

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