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How to change our habits

How do we change our habits? Here is the key to understand how habits work and hack the process!

vendredi 6 mai, Il y a 21 mois
 5 min

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Your brain loves habits because it doesn’t have to work as hard. Once you start recognizing patterns, you can make intentional choices about the habits you choose to maintain and adopt. Habits are made up of three components that we can alter to change our habits: ideas, technology, and people.
Discover new ideas by going to places you’ve never been—psychologically or physically. Create a technological habits that serves your goals. Subtracting technology is just as important as adding it; the landscape must be balanced.
People introduce us to new ways of seeing. Open as many doors as you can for other people, and serve them as best as you can. People who open doors for others tend to have more open for them.

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