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How to be respectful!

Be aware of what we can do to show respect to someone!

mardi 12 juil., Il y a 18 mois
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How do you show respect for someone?
Basic respect starts with being kind and courteous to others.
And how do I do that?
Be polite when you're interacting with others.
Say please and thank you.

Firstly, you can try to be aware of other people's feelings and treat them the way you'd like to be treated. Be polite when you're interacting with others, this could mean doing things like listening when they speak. Additionally, be respectful of people's personal boundaries. For instance, don’t handle their possessions without their permission. Don't just reserve your respectful behavior for those who are similar to you in their beliefs. Think about the best way to behave appropriately in any setting - whether it's someone's home, the park or a public place. Avoid disruptive behaviors that are inappropriate for the setting and could upset others.

Source: Wikihow ''how to be respectful''

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