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How The Button Changed Fashion

Buttons are a simple yet crucial element in many forms of technology and design, serving as a means of style, interaction and control.

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Buttons have a long and varied history, with evidence of their use dating back to ancient civilizations. The earliest buttons were made from materials like bone, horn, and seashells and were used for fastening clothing and adornment.

In medieval Europe, buttons were made from metal and used for decoration on clothing and armor. The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century saw the mass production of buttons made from materials like glass, ceramic, and plastic.

Today, buttons come in a wide range of materials and styles, and are used for a variety of purposes beyond fastening clothing, such as in technology and design. Buttons continue to be an important part of fashion, culture, and history and have been a significant part of human life for thousands of years.


• Buttonhole: a small slit in a garment for a button to pass through

• Invention: the creation of a new device, method, or process

• Ages: a long period of time with distinct characteristics or events

• Dome: a curved structure, often made of a transparent material, that covers an opening or space

• Shank: the part of a sewing needle or a button that passes through the fabric

• Rim: the outer edge or surface of a circular object

• Diameter: a straight line that passes through the center of a circle and touches two points on its circumference

• Width: the measurement of the extent of something from side to side

• Ease: the amount of space or freedom to move

• Amorphous: having no definite form or shape

• Wriggled: moved or twisted with quick, short movements

• Endured: suffered through or persevered despite difficulties or hardships

• Zippers: a device for fastening clothing or other items that consists of two rows of metal or plastic teeth on adjacent edges that can be engaged or separated by a sliding tab

• Velcro: a type of fastener consisting of two strips of fabric with tiny hooks and loops that cling together when pressed together

• Sew: to join or attach two pieces of fabric together using needle and thread

• Elemental: relating to the most basic components or fundamental principles of something

• Knit: to make fabric by interlocking loops of yarn using knitting needles or a machine

• Sweater: a piece of clothing made from knitted or crocheted material, worn on the upper body for warmth.

Source: Ted-Ed

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