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How Netflix Plans To Stop You From Sharing Passwords

Aussie Netflix users are set to see some big changes today as plans to change how users can share their accounts between households are full steam ahead.

mercredi 24 mai, Il y a 7 mois
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Netflix has implemented changes to its account sharing policy, affecting subscribers in Australia. Previously, Netflix allowed users to freely share their account passwords with friends and family, but now they are cracking down on this practice.

The decision comes as streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus face challenges, with Netflix losing subscribers for the first time in a decade. In an effort to increase profits, Netflix will now monitor IP addresses and device IDs to detect account sharing. If users want to continue sharing their account, they will be charged an additional $7.99 per month.

This change is part of Netflix's strategy to boost revenues. As a result, it will become more difficult for people to share their Netflix accounts and enjoy their favorite shows and movies.

Vocabulary :

• Subscribers : People who pay for and use a service regularly.
• Share : Give a portion of something to someone else.
• Accounts : Personal user profiles or memberships.
• Encourage : Support or promote.
• Change : Modification or alteration.
• Platform : A system or service for delivering content.
• Profits : Money gained after expenses are subtracted.
• IP addresses : Unique numerical identifiers for devices connected to the internet.
• Device IDs : Unique identifiers assigned to electronic devices.

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