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How Bella Hadid’s Spray-on Dress Was Made

Coperni stunned at Paris Fashion Week, closing their show by spraying a dress on Bella Hadid. But, how did they do it?

vendredi 7 oct., Il y a 15 mois
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The story behind the dress started with a can of silly string and a man named Dr Manel Torres. “I thought I could create mist,” he said in a 2012 TED talk, “that was the eureka moment.”. After further research at Imperial College London and lots of trial and error, he started to see some results.

In 2003, Torres created Fabrican- a liquid fibre, bound together with biopolymers and green solvents, that evaporate when the spray reaches a surface, in this case, Hadid's body.

According to Torres, the fabric feels like suede and is easily manipulated. Enter, the Coperni designers – Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillan, known for their creative designs like a glass bag – who, using the innovative technology, created a design of their own. The design was realized using Fabrican and 3D technology and built, in front of a fashion crowd, on Hadid's body.

In fashion, this technology can be used to create a whole dress, à la Hadid, or even repair old pieces of damaged clothing. Their plan is to take this technology to the medical industry, to be able to make casts or spray-on sterile bandages from aerosol cans.

Bella Hadid posted a photo of the dress and wrote: “Only together, we can make this magic. I am still speechless.”

Source: The Cut

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