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Halloween (Taylor's version): Wisconsin fan creates spooky Swift display

Are you ready for it? A woman in Wisconsin elevated her Halloween decorations by dressing up several of her skeletons as different Taylor Swift eras.

lundi 23 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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Caitlyn Mclawlin, a Halloween enthusiast and Taylor Swift fan, has gained local fame for her creative Halloween decorations. Inspired by Swift's "Eras Tour," she created "The Scaras Tour" using skeletons dressed in outfits representing Swift's albums. The display has become a community attraction, bringing smiles to passersby. Mclawlin continues to add to her Halloween setup.

• Setup: The arrangement of things.
• Display: To show something to people.
• Outfits: Clothes that people wear.
• Several: A certain amount.
• Passersby: People walking around an spot.
• Skeletons: Bones forming a human body.

Source: NBC News

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