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Gwyneth Paltrow Court Case

When Gwyneth Paltrow is not found guilty.

dimanche 2 avril, Il y a 9 mois
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Gwyneth Paltrow, a Hollywood actress, has been found not liable for a 2016 ski crash at a resort in Utah, USA. Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, had accused Ms Paltrow of crashing into him and causing life-changing injuries. He was seeking $300,000 in damages, but the jurors sided with Ms Paltrow, who blamed Mr Sanderson for the accident and countersued for $1 plus legal fees. The jury unanimously found Mr Sanderson entirely at fault for the incident, and awarded Ms Paltrow the symbolic sum she had sought.

Ms Paltrow thanked the judge and eight-member jury for their thoughtfulness in handling the case. She also thanked her lawyers and said she felt that acquiescing to a false claim would have compromised her integrity. After the verdict was announced, Ms Paltrow briefly spoke to Mr Sanderson, telling him she wished him well, and he replied, "Thank you dear."

The article mentions that Mr Sanderson found the verdict "very disappointing."

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