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Fun with adjectives -ED or -ING?

I'm bored or I'm boring ?An adjective that ends in -ING is used to describe a person, a thing or a situation.An adjective that ends in -ED is used to describe a feeling or an emotion.Let's look at some examples!

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Interested or Interesting?
I am very interested in art
Art is very interesting

Bored or Boring?
I have nothing to do, I'm bored
The film is very boring

Tired or Tiring?
I'm tired, I'm going to bed
My week was very tiring

Amazed or Amazing?
I'm amazed by their new album
Their new album is amazing!

Confused or Confusing?
I was confused about adjectives
Adjectives can be confusing

Shocked or Shocking?
I can't believe it! I'm shocked!
Oh, that's very shocking news!

Annoyed or Annoying?
I'm a little bit annoyed, someone ate my sandwich
Flies can be very annoying

Inspired or Inspiring?
I wrote a poem book this morning, I was very inspired
Your presentation was inspiring, well done!

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