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Extreme heatwave intensifies across US and southern Europe

A heat dome over the US south-west has translated into extreme heat warnings from coast to coast.

lundi 17 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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Large parts of Mainland Europe and the United States are experiencing extreme heat waves, while other countries are facing torrential rains and floods. The Death Valley in California, known for its high temperatures, may soon break its own record. However, the impact of these extreme weather events raises concerns rather than celebrations. The US is witnessing near-record heat and prolonged periods of high temperatures, posing serious risks to vulnerable populations. The phenomenon is attributed to a heat dome caused by extreme high pressure, which also contributes to other forms of extreme weather. New York has been hit by torrential rain, potentially indicating a new normal.

Similarly, Japan is facing heavy rainfall and near-record temperatures. Europe is enduring a second week of scorching temperatures, with Italy expecting a rise to 45 degrees Celsius. Climate change, mainly caused by human activities, is believed to be behind the increasing frequency and intensity of these extreme weather events.


• Swelter
To suffer from oppressive heat.

• Heat wave
A prolonged period of excessively hot weather.

• Floods
An overflow of water that submerges land.

• Milestone
An important event or achievement.

• Elderly
Older people, typically above the age of 65.

• Wildfires
Uncontrolled fires in vegetation and forests.

• Giddy
Feeling silly, happy, and excited and showing this in your behaviour.

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