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Eminem's Daughter Alaina Gets Married!

Eminem's daughter, Alaina Scott, is married!

mercredi 14 juin, Il y a 6 mois
 5 min

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Eminem's daughter, Alaina Scott, got married to her longtime boyfriend, Matt Moeller. She shared videos and photos from her wedding, expressing her excitement. Alaina, who is Eminem's adopted daughter, is the niece of his ex-wife Kim Scott.

Eminem has always been involved in Alaina's life since her birth. In another development, Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade is also getting married to her boyfriend, Evan McClintock. Evan sought Eminem's blessing before proposing to Hailie. Alaina expressed her happiness for her sister and mentioned that planning her own wedding was a memorable experience.


• Engaged
Having agreed to marry someone.

• Blessing
Approval or permission given by someone.

• Bliss
Extreme happiness or joy.

• Sis
Abbreviation for "sister."

• Bride
A woman who is about to get married or has just got married.

• Schedule
To arrange that an event or activity will happen at a particular time.

• Propose
To ask someone to marry you.

• Clue
A piece of information or evidence.

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