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Dog Helping Demining Efforts in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Emergency Services have released a video which they said showed a small sniffer dog helping a demining unit detect explosive devices left by Russian troops.

mercredi 6 avril, Il y a 22 mois
 4 min

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In the video, a Russell terrier is seen travelling with the unit in Chernihiv, wearing a harness with an official emblem sewn onto it. When the demining unit reaches a site with an open wooded area, the dog can be seen running, barking alongside his handler, before scratching at the ground. The handler then carries an item back to the team vehicle. Some Russian troops remained in the northern Ukrainian region of Chernihiv this morning after pulling back from around the region's main city of Chernihiv, regional governor Viacheslav Chaus said. Russia said last week it would sharply scale back military activity around Chernihiv and the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

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