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David And Romeo Beckham - Any Tattoos You Regret ?

David and Romeo Beckham have spilled the beans as they answered some quickfire questions.

lundi 16 oct., Il y a 2 mois
 5 min

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David and Romeo Beckham answered quickfire questions in an exclusive chat for The Sun's "Who Cares Wins health awards". They discussed topics like cooking skills, singing, fashion sense, tattoos, idols, and parenting. David and Romeo both claim to be the best cook, singer, and fashion-savvy. They also revealed they don't regret any tattoos, with David mentioning his "Posh" tattoo. They both admire each other in various aspects, with Romeo calling David his footballing idol. The interview touched on their hair, free kick skills, hairdryer treatments, and strictest parent (mom). They playfully discussed their habits and ended with David admitting he's tidy but a bit stubborn .

Vocabulaire :
• Regret : To feel sorry about something that has happened or has been done.
• Cook : Someone who prepares food.
• Singer : Someone who sings.
• Fashion sense : The ability to choose stylish clothing.
• Tattoo : A permanent mark or design on the skin made by injecting ink.
• Idol : Someone who is admired and respected.
• Habit : A regular behavior or practice.
• Tidy : Neat and well-organized.
• Stubborn : Refusing to change one's mind or opinion.

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