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Covid 19 - ''Don't Rule Out Lab Leak'' says Top Chinese Scientist

A former top Chinese government scientist suggests that the possibility of the COVID-19 virus leaking from a laboratory cannot be ruled out.

jeudi 1 juin, Il y a 7 mois
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While many scientists believe the virus likely originated naturally from animals, some argue that an accidental leak is possible. China initially dismissed the lab leak theory as a lie, but now a senior Chinese scientist acknowledges that the origin of the virus remains uncertain. The World Health Organization (WHO) mission to Wuhan ruled out a lab leak, favoring a natural origin based on past experiences with similar outbreaks.

However, following a review ordered by President Biden, two out of eight U.S. intelligence agencies now lean towards a lab leak theory with low to moderate confidence. The risks of lab work with dangerous pathogens are being reevaluated. Despite political biases, the search for the origins of COVID-19 continues, as it is crucial to understand where it came from.


Ruled out: Exclude or eliminate as a possibility.

Emerged: Came into existence or became known.

Bias: Prejudice or inclination towards a particular perspective.

Definitively: Conclusively or decisively.

Traction: Increased support or acceptance.

Controversial: Causing disagreement or debate.

Mortality rate: The number of deaths in a specific population over a period of time.

Heavy-handed: Using excessive or forceful methods.

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