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Concerns at Open AI

AI's Socio-Economic Impact: Balancing Optimism and Concerns

vendredi 8 d�c., Il y a 1 semaine
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The narrative of potential self-destruction due to human actions has permeated our stories since ancient times. While issues like pollution and famine, within our control to some extent, remain reversible, the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) presents an irrevocable challenge. Unlike current AI, AGI won't rely on prompts from us to learn, marking a significant shift.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, faced a tumultuous period, highlighting concerns within the company about the immense power their new AI system exhibited. Altman acknowledges the risks but remains optimistic, suggesting AGI could positively transform various aspects of life, acting as an 'equalizing force.

'Altman's optimism isn't baseless. AI is already shaping societies, evident in technologies like ChatGPT influencing media and discussions on job displacement. Concepts like Universal Basic Income (UBI) gain traction among tech elites as a potential societal buffer during this transformative phase.

However, there's a disparity in how this transformation affects different strata of society. The privileged, armed with valuable skills and resources, might remain largely insulated from the upheaval. Questions arise about the motives guiding this AI-driven era and whether profit-entered leadership is steering us toward an irreversible future.

Critics like Naomi Klein dispute the idea of a UBI-driven utopia, cautioning against assuming AI under capitalism will benefit everyone. Instead, they foresee a scenario where AI further marginalizes masses, amplifying societal disparity.

The discussion surrounding AI's impact spans from hopeful transformation to apprehension about widening inequalities and the concentration of power. As this technological wave advances, it prompts crucial inquiries into the ethical, social, and economic ramifications of AI's trajectory.

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