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People are going viral for posting videos of themselves cleaning their homes, motivating others to take on messy tasks.

lundi 8 ao�t, Il y a 17 mois
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Some people are getting millions of views on youtube and social media, even getting book deals by posting videos of themselves doing something cleaning their homes.

They're being called 'clean-fluencers'.

Some vocabulary and expressions from the video:

To take over
Clean-fluencers are taking over the internet

What makes these motivational cleaning videos so riveting?

Let's clean this messy apartment.

A wreck
Today's my house is a bit of a wreck, I haven't cleaned in days.

To sweep the internet
This new trend is sweeping the internet

Posted with the hashtags #cleaningmotivation and #cleanwithme

To tackle
Motivational cleaning videos, inspiring people to tackle difficult tasks.

The dishes
We're going to start by washing the dishes today.

To keep up
It can be hard to keep up with cleaning.

To reach
Jessica's videos reached 3 million views on youtube.

To gain popularity
Faith Matini's motivational cleaning channel gained popularity during the pandemic.

Source: Good Morning America

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