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Can You Tell the Difference Between Music and Noise?

Get to know avant-garde music composer John Cage, whose work challenged the boundaries between music and noise.

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The video introduces the avant-garde composer John Cage, who challenged traditional notions of music and expanded its boundaries. In a televised performance in 1960, Cage presented his composition "Water Walk" using unconventional instruments such as household objects and radios. This raised the question of whether these sounds could be considered music. The video highlights how our expectations influence our perception of what is musical, emphasizing the role of recognizable structures, popular sounds, and adherence to genre conventions.

Cage experimented with new instruments that blurred the lines between art and everyday life, and he explored collaborations with other art forms, particularly dance. One of his notable compositions was a piano piece titled "4'33"," consisting solely of silence and ambient sounds. Through these innovative approaches, Cage aimed to challenge the audience's preconceptions about music.


• Clutter
A lot of objects in a state of being untidy.

• Honk
A short, loud sound made by a car horn or a goose.

• Pattern
A particular way in which something is done, is organized, or happens.

• Realm
An area of interest or activity.

• Blurred
Unclear or indistinct.

• Constraint
Limitation or restriction.

• Elicited
To evoke or draw out a reaction or response.

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